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Re: Can anyone help me with HTML?

PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:12 am
by Jdrid
Sure thing!
First for the picture, you'll want to use the <img> tag.
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<img src="TypeYourPathToThePictureHere" width="100" height="500" />

Basically place that where ever you'd like the image to go. Inside the tag, replace the sentence between the quotes with the url or path of the image. So for that one it'd be
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<img src="" width="195" height="200" />

Quick note, the width and height tags are not necessary (or as far as I know, someone please correct me if I'm wrong), it displays the actual resolution of the image if neither is chosen.

For a guestbook, there are many choices. A quick google search will bring you to some. I can't really recommend one though. I do know that with Liway in your cPanel there is a section of free CGI scripts that will basically install for you and a guestbook is one of those scripts. So go look at that as well.