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Hosting Plans

Postby Max » Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:27 am

Please note that this is simply an information thread. To request hosting, please create a new thread in this forum.

We have five free hosting packs, each subsequent pack having larger web-space and data transfer (called bandwidth for simplicity) allowances. If you are starting out, than chances are the first pack will be more than enough for you. As your site becomes more popular and your user base expands, you will require more resources to store data and allow users to access it - which is when you upgrade packs. The middle packs are for popular forums, wikis and other user-based content sites with large storage and bandwidth requirements. The higher packs are designed for people working on their own resource-intensive projects, or for very popular sites - however if you do indeed run such a site, chances are you can create significant ad and/or donation revenue, and thus you should consider purchasing our paid hosting packs.

Also note that larger businesses or sites clearly making significant amounts of money will not be allowed to use free hosting, but should instead purchase paid hosting packs. Our services are for personal use, non-profit groups/organisations, collaborative work and starting out small business - not for abuse by those who can obviously pay for their resources. If you can afford it, then please support us!

For those unaware, a Mebibyte (MiB) is a standard binary unit of measurement, denoting 1,048,576 bytes.

Pack 1
50 MiBs of Space
2,000 MiBs of Bandwidth

Pack 2
250 MiBs of Space
5,000 MiBs of Bandwidth

Pack 3
500 MiBs of Web Space
10,000 MiBs of Bandwidth

Pack 4
1,000 MiBs of Space
20,000 MiBs of Bandwidth

Pack 5
5,000 MiBs of Space
100,000 MiBs of Bandwidth

All Packs come with
Unlimited account features, such as:
  • DNS Features
    • Sub-Domains
    • Parked-Domains
    • Addon-Domains
  • Email Features
    • Boxes
    • Lists
    • Forwarders
    • Autoresponders
  • FTP Accounts
  • Databases
    • MySQL 5.0
    • PostgreSQL 8.4

In addition, the following features are common to all accounts.
  • We run three different PHP versions, currently 5.2.13, 5.3.2 and 6.0.0-dev.
  • Our PHP installations have following notable extensions
    • mbstring
    • Curl
    • OpenSSL
    • Sockets
    • Soap
    • MySQLi for MySQL
    • PDO for both MySQL and PostgreSQL
    • GD
    • imagick for ImageMagick
  • cPanel 11
  • Perl
  • CGI
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Cron Jobs
  • Awstats

Requesting Hosting & Upgrades
All users are required to start from Pack 1, and work their way up to the higher packs by upgrading. We can grant you an exception however, if for instance you would like to restore a large backup of your website and/or database(es) which would not fit on the resources granted by Pack 1. If you do require such an exception, please be sure to mention and explain it to us when you create your hosting request.

Upgrading is allowed if you are using at least 70% of your allowed space and/or bandwidth. We will judge your bandwidth use by the usage of bandwidth in the current month or the previous month - whichever is higher.
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