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Forum Rules

Postby Max » Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:33 am

Please note that these rules apply to all content on the forums - posts, signatures, private messages, etc. In most cases users will be warned if they break the rules. The offending content may be removed. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the forums for an arbitrary amount of time, decided by the moderators.

What we regard as spam:
  • Very short posts such as "I agree" and "lol" and similar posts which lack real content
  • Off-topic posts
  • Double posts (use the edit button!)
  • Creating many threads at once
  • Replying to very old threads (one month+ of no discussion). If you do need to reply to an old thread, there must be a good reason (for example, checking if a specific technical issue was resolved).

Rude and Disrespectful Behaviour
Although not always an offence, please try and not swear. Be nice and polite to all other Liway users. There is to be no insulting, antagonising and trolling. Please try and remain respectful to people who hold different opinions to your own. Do not offend other users by talking about them negatively, through discrimination or intimidation.

Quoting External Content
If you are posting information from any website, please be sure to wrap it in quote tags, and reference the content by including a link to the website, from which it came from.

There is to be no commercial advertising or spam of any kind, in any section of the forums. Users who are found to be flogging products and services will be warned, their posts/pms/sigs removed and they will possibly even be banned.
It is generally acceptable to advertise free, non-profit products and services, in discussions which are relevant to the product or service in question.

Inappropriate Content
We do not allow any of the following to be posting on our forums;
  • Adult Material
  • Illegal Material
  • Specifically cracks, serials and pirated software
  • Or links to any of the above

Forum Abuse
Please do not try and hack the forums, access them through a proxy, create multiple accounts, flood the forums or spam users with PMs.
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