IPv6 and the Internet of tomorrow...

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IPv6 and the Internet of tomorrow...

Postby curriegrad2004 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:47 am

Has anybody even heard of IPv6 recently? If not, then look here:

IPv6 is the internet of tomorrow. It is inevitable that a switch is going to happen no matter what. The world is running out of IP addresses. Now we can point our fingers to a certain country for siphoning up all the IP addresses for their own purposes... :twisted:

Look at the edge of the site where it says countdown until the number of v4 addresses get depleted in the entire world. Seems like there's not many /8 blocks left in the world... Assuming there's only 26 16 million addresses IPv4 blocks left, we need to seriously think about IPv6. That thought should have happened yesterday, not today.

So have any members here ever thought moving on to IPv6 or not? Also, if you haven't tried IPv6, I'd say try it out today. You'll soon find that a NAT router is not the solution as a firewall...
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