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Postby curriegrad2004 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:21 pm

Well, lead free solder is the hardest thing to handle... It just doesn't behave like regular solder.

When I learned how to do soldering right at school this year, I was told that soldering anything with lead free solder is like dealing with yogurt. It just doesn't want to flow in properly, and when solder doesn't flow in properly you're bound to have cracks in the joint. And with lead free solder that's extremely hard to detect in most cases.

Yea, sure you can always literally pour an entire bottle of flux at that one joint and hope it flows properly, but that stuff can also damage the board in the long run... Now when it's time to do the desoldering... oh good luck with that.... A de-soldering pump and lots of wick will be needed.
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